Small batch Pat testing within a 10 mile radius of CRICKLADE

71 Deansfield Cricklade SN6 6BW 

Tel. 07775 896300 or 01793 752669  


For your assurance and convenience

* Fully qualified insured and CRB checked engineer

*    Mains and battery powered Seaward equipment  
so completely mobile
* 110 volt 16 & 32 amp  equipment also catered for

10 am - 4 pm 7 days a week




      Simple 2 tier pricing:   

      1) Hand held items i.e. drills hairdryers etc 1-10 items £20, then £1.50 each  

        2) Property items i.e. fridges computers etc 1-10 items £30 then £1.50 each 

      Free fuse replacement and minor repairs, £5 to supply and fit a replacement plug (if required) No hidden charges or VAT as my turnover is below the threshold.

      Please note: because of the small sums involved I do not do accounts and ask for payment when the work is completed by BACS transfer, Paypal or cash.


      Thanks for dropping by, my name is Pat Maher, I have lived and worked in Swindon and the local surrounding area for over 50 years and am committed to providing a first class service at a price that nobody will be deterred by. I started this business 5 years ago when my wife who owns the local pet food shop was quoted £75.00 to test the four items she had there. I wanted something to potter about with in retirement, I decided there must be a market for small numbers of items, so Pat's Testing was born.

      My aim is not to bore anybody with reams of technical jargon as there is already an abundant source of this on the internet, (which I will gladly point you to if required) but simply to enable a reliable affordable reduction in risk of injury in the workplace and to eliminate the cost of fines for non compliance with the four main relevant acts that stipulate safety procedure in the use of portable electrical appliances. This basically means any piece of electrical equipment from 110 - 230 volt, that is fitted with a plug, although the latest code of practice now also includes some fixed wired appliances. 

      Please be aware that there is no law that says portable appliance testing is mandatory. Legislation simply states that any business operation where an employee or member of the public may come into contact with electrical appliances, then "the safety of these items must be ensured where reasonably practicable". Portable appliance testing when correctly carried out, has proven to be the most thorough and cost effective means of doing this. 

      Although not compulsory, it is essential to check if it is a requirement of your insurance and also to be aware of the danger and financial consequences of not taking reasonable steps to ensure safety in the environment that you are in. 

      The recommended test frequency varies according to the risk and wear factors, for example three monthly for building sites where harsh wear and tear is likely, whereas low risk environments such as offices, where appliances are not moved, the re-test frequency can be 4 years. The test frequency is decided by you or a nominated risk assessor, but if taking equipment to a venue, or working on site, most will require an annual certificate, as will HMO lettings. 

       Even brand new equipment needs to be tested. There is an increasing amount of imported electrical goods which can be lethal, IEC (kettle) leads with insulated earth pins and phoney safety labelling being prime examples.


      I welcome tradesmen, mobile entertainers, bands, DJ's, mobile food bars, HMO's, student hairdressers attending college/university courses, micro businesses etc. who need an annual certificate to comply with the requirements of the places they visit. It is prudent to check, even if you only want to play a CD at a church hall for example, rather than turning up and being told that you cannot do so without an up to date certificate.

      On that note I supply certificates in paper or PDF format, so you can reprint if lost or damaged. 

      I also keep copies of every job completed and can  e-mail them to you quickly if required.


       I carry out the procedures in the prescribed manner. Firstly by a full visual inspection of cables and assets externally and plugs internally for correct fuse rating and connections, making any minor repairs/fuse changes required which greatly reduces the failure rate and is included in the above prices. Each asset that passes the visual stage is then tested and labelled accordingly. A report/certificate with numerical log of each asset's test results including: voltage, amperage, earth continuity, insulation, resistance, leakage current and polarity (in the case of extension leads) is then supplied.

      If I can help please feel free to contact me at any time  on 07775 896300  

      or click the'contact us' link at the top right hand side of this page. 

      Please please note that anyone using my contact page for canvassing purposes will receive a very curt reply.






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